An Organized System Linking to Silent Movies on YouTube

What if you wanted a checklist of every American silent feature film available for viewing on the internet? Suppose you wanted to watch every film of Charlie Chaplin in order? And what if there are too many versions of a particular film to choose from on Youtube – some with music, some without, some incomplete – and you give up because it is too difficult to figure out which is the best option to watch?

Welcome to Silent Movie Finder, the first site which:

  1. organizes the entire world of silent film (eventually), and
  2. has direct YouTube links to the best version of each listed silent movie in our database.

You are invited to explore two major categories on which we have made some progress:

This site is brand new, and obviously a work in progress. Our immediate goals are as follows, in order:

1. catalogue all silent American feature films which can be seen online (see all feature films from 1914 here, as an example).
2. create lists of links to every online silent film of a number of individual artists (see the silent filmography of Charlie Chaplin, for example).
3. catalogue as many foreign feature films as possible, arranged by country.
4. Lastly, attack the oppressively lengthy catalogue of short silent subjects.

Please explore the site, and feel free to check out any of the helpful and sometimes entertaining articles listed below:

1. Learning to Watch Silent Movies.
2. The 10 Steps to Silent Movie Addiction.
3. Do you have a film on your YouTube Channel to which we can link?
4. How do we select which version of a film to link to?