American Feature Films of 1913

What This Page Contains

On this page you will find a list of all 4 American silent feature films of 1913 that can be viewed online, mostly on YouTube. For each film on the list, you will find a link to the best online version of the film.

1913: Tentative Steps Forward

The feature film explosion was still brewing in 1913, not yet ready to to take over the attentions of the movie-going public for another year. Hence we find still only a limited number of feature films made in the USA. But the success of the international feature films Quo Vadis and Spartacus, which, in this year, played to packed houses in the States, was about to change the studios’ perceptions of what the American movie-viewing public would be willing to sit through regularly in a theater!

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1913 Statistics (per the Library of Congress database):

Number of Silent Feature Films Released: 56
Number extant: 9
Number Lost: 47

1913 Films Available for Online Viewing:

 Title# ReelsDirectorStarsGenreYoutube
Inside of the White Slave Traffic, The4Frank BealEdwin Carewe
Virginia Mann
DramaLinkMay be only 28 minutes in length total.
Ivanhoe4Herbert BrenonKing Baggot
Leah Baird
Period DramaLinkNo music; intertitles in Dutch.
Traffic in Souls7George Loane TuckerJane GailDramaLinkNo music.
What Eighty Million Women Want4Will LouisEmmeline PankhurstDramaLinkNo music.

Additional Feature Films of 1913 Available Commercially,
But Not Yet Uploaded Online:

 TitleDirectorStarsBuy From
Count of Monte Cristo, TheEdwin S. Porter
Joseph A. Golden
James O'