American Feature Films of 1915

What This Page Contains

On this page you will find a table listing all 31 American silent feature films of 1915 that can be viewed online, mostly on YouTube. For each film on the list, you will find a link to the best online version of the film.

Highlights of our List of 1915 Online Films

1915 was undoubtedly the year of The Birth of a Nation, D.W. Griffith’s controversial film of the Civil War and the rise of the Ku Klux Klan. The film earned $10 million in 1915 alone, over 65 times as much as its nearest rival, Carmen. Douglas Fairbanks made his film debut in 1915, starring in his early years in a series of comedies, and is represented on our list by Double Trouble.

Director Raoul Walsh’s first feature, Regeneration, was released in 1915, and directors Lois Weber, Ralph Ince and Allan Dwan all debut on our features lists. Cecil B. DeMille is represented by four films on our list of 1915. Notable films released this year include: Ghosts, which treats on the subject of insanity; A Fool There Was, in which Theda Bara most famously played the role of a vamp; and Hypocrites, an early American full-length film featuring − repeatedly −a completely nude lady, in actress Margaret Edwards.

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1915 Statistics (per the Library of Congress silent movie database):

Number of Features Released: 600
Number Extant (complete and incomplete): 155
Number Completely Lost: 445

1915 American Feature Films Available for Viewing Online

 Title# ReelsDirectorStarsGenreYoutube
Alias Jimmy Valentine5Maurice TourneurRobert Warwick,
Robert Cummings
Alice in Wonderland5W.W. YoungVila SavoyFantasyLink I
Link II
Link III
Link IV
Link V
Link VI
Link I: with an appropriate ensemble score by Dr. Marco de Boni.
Link II: with an interesting sitar score by Xavi Ganjam.
Link III: another appropriate, mixed ensemble score by Paul Sylvester.
Link IV: with contemporary soundtrack; a more complete version of film, incorporating pieces from various versions into a slightly longer edition. Cleaner picture too. With contemporary soundtrack.
Link V: with playful orchestral soundtrack.
Link VI: with contemporary, more "electric" score, by Tuktu and the Belugas Quartet.
Birth of a Nation, The12D.W. GriffithLillian Gish,
Mae Marsh,
Henry B. Walthall
Historical dramaLink
Captive, The5Cecil B. DeMilleBlanche Sweet,
House Peters
Historical dramaLink
Carmen5Cecil B. DeMilleGeraldine Farrar,
Wallace Reid
Period dramaLinkWe recommend you watch Chaplin's parody of Carmen after watching this feature version.
A second version of Carmen, starring Theda Bara, was also released in 1915, but this version is lost.
Cheat, The5Cecil B. DeMilleFannie Ward,
Sessue Hayakawa
DramaLink I
Link II
Link I: traditional Robert Israel score.
Link II: alternate traditional-style score by Giorgos Papamitrou.
Children of Eve5John H. CollinsViola Dana,
Robert Conness
DramaLink I
Link II
Link III
Link I: no music.
Link II: side by side comparison of unrestored and restored versions, with music.
Link III: with music, but incorrect aspect ratio.
Coward, The6Reginald BarkerFrank Keenan,
Charles Ray
Darkening Trail, The4William S. HartWilliam S. Hart,
Enid Markey
WesternLinkNo music; link is to version on
David Harum5Allan DwanWilliam H. Crane,
Harold Lockwood,
May Allison
Comedy, DramaLink
Double Trouble5Christy CabanneDouglas Fairbanks,
Margery Wilson
ComedyLinkFilm could use some restoration.
Fanchon the Cricket5James KirkwoodMary Pickford,
Jack Standing
DramaLink I
Link II
Link I: watch on
Link II: available for rent only on YouTube, though the film is in the public domain.
Fool There Was, A6Frank PowellTheda Bara,
Edward José
DramaLink I
Link II
Link I: interesting old-recordings soundtrack.
Link II: traditional piano accompaniment.
Ghosts5George NicholsHenry B. Walthall,
Mary Alden
DramaLink I
Link II
Link I: good classical soundtrack.
Link II: with live organ score from the great folks at Retroformat. Film begins at 15:15.
Girl of the Golden West, The5Cecil B. DeMilleMabel Van Buren,
Theodore Roberts
Hearts in Exile5James YoungClara Kimball Young,
Montagu Love
DramaLinkPrint needs restoration.
How Molly Malone Made Good6Lawrence B. McGillMarguerite GaleComedyLinkNo music.
Hypocrites4Lois WeberCourtenay Foote,
Myrtle Stedman
Drama, FantasyLink I
Link II
Link I: restored version with traditional organ score.
Link II: lesser quality print with traditional piano score.
Italian, The6Reginald BarkerGeorge Beban,
Clara Williams
DramaLink I
Link II
Link I: restored version, with traditional piano score.
Link II: very good, but slightly lesser quality, print, with traditional small ensemble score.
Juggernaut, The5Ralph InceAnita Stewart,
Earle Williams
DramaLinkFrom; a reconstruction, only 2 reels of 5 survive.
Kidnapped in New York40 min.J. Stuart BlacktonBarney GilmoreDrama, CrimeLinkNo music; not on LOC list.
Madame Butterfly5Sidney OlcottMary Pickford,
Marshall Neilan
DramaLinkThe only versions presently online have no music, and also feature an obtrusive running time stamp.
Man From Texas, The40 min.Tom MixTom MixWesternLinkNot on LOC list.
Martyrs of the Alamo, The5Christy CabanneSam De Grasse,
Walter Long
Historical dramaLinkContains brief introduction by Marvin Bannerman; film quality not great.
On the Firing Line with the Germans9n/a?n/a?Documentary, WarLink I
Link II
Link I: no music.
Link II: CSPAN broadcast of the film with running commentary by various experts.
On the Night Stage5Reginald BarkerWilliam S. Hart,
Rhea Mitchell
WesternLinkNo music; film needs restoring.
Raven, The6Charles BrabinHenry B. Walthall,
Warda Howard
BiographyLinkFrom; there is no music, and the film needs restoration.
Regeneration5Raoul WalshRockliffe Fellowes,
Anna Q. Nillson
Drama, CrimeLink I
Link II
Link I: with small ensemble score.
Link II: with original piano score by Benjamin Klum.
Trilby5Maurice TourneurWilton Lackaye,
Clara Kimball Young
DramaLinkNo music.
Whirl of Life, The6Oliver D. BaileyVernon Castle,
Irene Castle
BiographyLinkNo music; video is 49 minutes, seems to be missing last reel or so.
Young Romance4George MelfordEdith Taliaferro,
Florence Dagmar

American Feature Films of 1915 Commercially Available,
But Not Yet Uploaded Online

 TitleDirectorStarsBuy FromNotes
Child of the PrairieTom MixTom Mix,
Louella Maxam
Oldies.comNot on LOC list.
Disciple, TheWilliam S. Hart
William S. Hart,
Dorothy Dalton
Lamb, TheChristy CabanneDouglas Fairbanks,
Seena Owen
Majesty of the Law, TheJulia Crawford IversGeorge Fawcett,
Jane Wolfe
Oldies.comOnly reel 4 survives.
Old HeidelbergJohn EmersonWallace Reid,
Dorothy Gish
Playing DeadSidney DrewSidney Drew,
Mrs. Sidney Drew
RagsJames KirkwoodMary Pickford,
Marshall Neilan
ScandalLois Weber,
Phillips Smalley
Lois Weber,
Phillips Smalley
Stolen Voice, TheFrank Hall CraneRobert Warwick,
Frances Nelson
Sweet AllysumColin CampbellTyrone Power Sr.,
Kathlyn Williams
Vanity FairCharles Brabin,
Eugene Nowland
Minnie Maddern
Shirley Mason