American Feature Films of 1922

What This Page Contains

On this page you will find a list of all 47 American silent feature films of 1922 that can be viewed online, mostly on YouTube. For each film on the list, you will find a link to the best online version of the film.

Highlights of Our List of 1922 Online Films

Rudolph Valentino continued to dominate the silver screen, as all four of his 1922 releases, including the blockbuster Blood and Sand, appear on our list. Lon Chaney appears in 5 of our films, proving he was no slouch either (2 additional releases of 1922 featuring The Man of a Thousand Faces are lost).

The most notable films of 1922 include (1) Robin Hood, perhaps Douglas Fairbanks’ most famous role; (2) Nanook of the North, the stunning documentary portraying the lives of real-life Eskimos; and (3) Salomé, the dazzling Biblical story of the daughter of Herod, starring the mesmerizing Nazimova.

Our list of online films of 1922 gives us more Cecil B. DeMille and Jackie Coogan, Marion Davies and Max Linder, and Harold Lloyd and Mary Pickford.

Newcomers to our lists include John Gilbert, whose earliest starring vehicle Monte Cristo can be seen on YouTube, and Jack Hoxie, the now largely-forgotten cowboy star.

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1922 Statistics (per the Library of Congress silent movie database):

Number of Features Released: 695
Number Extant (complete and incomplete): 188
Number Completely Lost: 507

1922 American Feature Films Available for Viewing Online

 Title# ReelsDirectorStarsGenreYoutube
Back Fire5Alan JamesJack Hoxie,
Florence Gilbert
WesternLinkNo music; film desperately needs restoration.
Back Pay7Frank BorzageSeena Owens,
Matt Moore
Beauty's Worth7Robert G. VignolaMarion Davies,
Hallam Cooley
Beyond the Rocks7Sam WoodGloria Swanson,
Rudolph Valentino
DramaLink I
Link II
Link I: with contemporary saxophone + ensemble accompaniment; with Greek subtitles.
Link II: with soft contemporary soundtrack, and Spanish subtitles.
Blood and Sand9Fred Niblo,
Dorothy Arzner
Rudolph Valentino,
Lila Lee
DramaLink I
Link II
Link III
Link I: traditional old organ score.
Link II: mixed contemporary soundtrack.
Link III: traditional small ensemble accompaniment.
Captain Fly-by-Night5William K. HowardJohnnie Walker,
Francis McDonald
DramaLinkNo music.
Doctor Jack5Fred C. Newmeyer,
Sam Taylor
Harold Lloyd,
Mildred Davis
Flesh and Blood6Irving CummingsLon Chaney,
Edith Roberts
Foolish Wives14Erich von StroheimRudolph Christians,
Miss DuPont,
Erich von Stroheim
DramaLink I
Link II
Link I: traditional piano score.
Link II: classical soundtrack.
Grandma's Boy5Fred C. NewmeyerHarold Lloyd,
Mildred Davis
ComedyLink I
Link II
Link I: Robert Israel orchestral score.
Link II: piano score.
Heart's Haven6Benjamin B. HamptonRobert McKim,
Claire McDowell,
Claire Adams
Headless Horseman, The7Edward D. VenturiniWill Rogers,
Lois Meredith
Comedy, HorrorLink I
Link II
Link I: classical, mostly piano, accompaniment.
Link II: mixed classical, some organ, accompaniment, but repeating every 22 minutes.
Lorna Doone7Maurice TourneurMadge Bellamy,
John Bowers
Period dramaLinkWith mixed piano and contemporary soundtrack. With English intertitles and French sub-titles and optional Spanish CC.
Light in the Dark, The8Clarence BrownHope Hampton,
Lon Chaney
Crime, DramaLinkOf the original 8-reel feature, just this 33-minute abridged version, entitled "The Light of Faith", survives.
Manslaughter10Cecil B. DeMilleLeatrice Joy,
Thomas Meighan
DramaLinkNo music; film needs some restoration.
Monte Cristo10Emmett J. FlynnJohn Gilbert,
Spottiswoode Aitken
DramaLinkWith ads.
Moran of the Lady Letty7George MelfordDorothy Dalton,
Rudolph Valentino
AdventureLinkWith Robert Israel score. Includes TCM 3-minute intro.
My Boy5Albert Austin,
Victor Heerman
Jackie Coogan,
Claude Gillingwater
Comedy, DramaLinkNo music.
Man From Beyond, The7Burton L. KingHarry HoudiniMystery, AdventureLink
Man From Home, The7George FitzmauriceJames Kirkwood,
Anna Q. Nilsson
DramaLinkIntertitles in Dutch; no music.
Nanook of the North6Robert J. FlahertyAllakariallak,
Alice Nevalinga
DocumentaryLink I
Link II
Link III
Link IV
Link I: string and ensemble score.
Link II: original contemporary score.
Link III: live screening with sax, drums, and other instruments accompanying.
Link IV: live screening, with modular synthesizer score.
Night Life in Hollywood6John Frederick CaldwellJ. Frank Glendon,
Josephine Hill
ComedyLinkOnly 4 of 6 reels survive. No music.
Oliver Twist8Frank LloydJackie Coogan,
Lon Chaney
DramaLink I
Link II
Link III
Link IV
Link I: live screening, ensemble score.
Link II: vintage organ accompaniment.
Link III: traditional piano score.
Link IV: classical soundtrack.
One Exciting Night11D.W. GriffithCarol Dempster,
Henry Hull
Comedy, MysteryLink
Pride of Palomar, The8Frank BorzageForrest Stanley,
Marjorie Daw
Primitive Lover, The7Sidney FranklinConstance Talmadge,
Harrison Ford
ComedyLinkNo music.
Prisoner of Zenda, The10Rex IngramLewis Stone,
Alice Terry
AdventureLinkOriginal score by Edward Boensnes: organ + ensemble.
Reckless Youth6Ralph InceElaine Hammerstein,
Niles Welch
DramaLinkNo music.
Riders of the Law5Robert N. BradburyJack HoxieWesternLinkNo music. Film needs restoring.
Robin Hood11Allan DwanDouglas Fairbanks,
Enid Bennett
Period adventureLink I
Link II
Link I: fully restored, with music, from Kino.
Link II: live screening, with original, live contemporary score.
Salomé6Charles Bryant,
Alla Nazimova
Alla Nazimova,
Nigel De Brulier
Biblical dramaLink
Saturday Night9Cecil B. DeMilleLeatrice Joy,
Conrad Nagel
Shadows7Tom FormanLon Chaney,
Marguerite De La Motte
Sherlock Holmes9Albert ParkerJohn Barrymore,
Roland Young,
Carol Dempster
Drama, MysteryLink
Sky High5Lynn ReynoldsTom Mix,
Eva Novak
Western, DramaLink
Smilin' Through8Sidney FranklinNorma Talmadge,
Wyndham Standing
DramaLinkNo music; intertitles in Dutch only.
Seventh Day, The6Henry KingRichard Barthelmess,
Louise Huff
Tess of the Storm Country10John S. RobertsonMary Pickford,
Lloyd Hughes
DramaLinkNo music.
Timothy's Quest7Sidney OlcottJoseph Depew,
Helen Rowland
Third Alarm, The7Emory JohnsonRalph Lewis,
Ella Hall
Three Must-Get-Theres, The5Max LinderMax Linder ComedyLink
Toll of the Sea, The5Chester M. FranklinAnna May Young,
Kenneth Harlan
DramaLinkAn early film in technicolor.
Trap, The6Robert ThornbyLon Chaney,
Alan Hale
Village Blacksmith, The8John FordWill WallingDramaLinkOnly this 11 minute fragment survives of this early John Ford work.
When Knighthood was in Flower12Robert G. VignolaMarion Davies,
Forrest Stanley
DramaLinkA higher quality of print needs to be uploaded.
Worldly Madonna, The6Harry GarsonClara Kimball YoungDramaLinkNo music; film needs restoring.
Young Rajah, The8Phil RosenRudolph Valentino,
Wanda Hawley
DramaLinkThe film survives in fragments; this is a "reconstruction", with stills and notes combined with surviving footage.

American Feature Films of 1922 Commercially Available,
But Not Yet Uploaded Online

The goal is to get the films listed below uploaded to YouTube. All of these films are in the public domain. However, any musical accompaniment is likely not in the public domain, and may be flagged by YouTube; consequently, you may wish to upload them without any soundtrack (or add your own). And of course, IF YOU ADD A NEW FILM TO YOUTUBE, LET US KNOW, and we will link to your video.

 TitleDirectorStarsBuy FromNotes
Another Man's BootsWilliam James CraftFrancis FordGrapevine
Big StakesClifford S. ElfeltJ.B.
Broken Silence, TheDell HendersonZena
Human HeartsKing BaggotHouse PetersSHOFSHOF #30.
Just TonyLynn ReynoldsTom MixGrapevine
Kentucky Derby, TheKing BaggotReginald Denny,
Lillian Rich
Peg O' My HeartKing VidorLaurette TaylorSHOFSHOF #50.
Rounding Up the LawCharles R. SeelingGuinn "Big Boy"
Snowshoe Trail, TheChester BennettJane
Thundering HoofsFrancis FordPeggy O'DayGrapevine
Under Two FlagsTod BrowningPriscilla Dean,
James Kirkwood
Better Man Wins, TheFrank S. Mattison,
Marcel Perez
Pete MorrisonGrapevine
Blazing ArrowsHenry McCartyFrancelia BillingtonGrapevine
Silver SpursHenry McCarty,
James Leo Meehan
Lester CuneoGrapevine
Trail of the Ax, TheErnest C. WardeDustin FarnumSHOFSHOF #125.