American Feature Films of 1923

What This Page Contains

On this page you will find a list of all 60 American silent feature films of 1923 that can be viewed online, mostly on YouTube. For each film on the list, you will find a link to the best online version of the film.

Highlights of Our List of 1923 Online Films

The most noteworthy movie in our list of 1923’s online films is Safety Last, which includes what is perhaps silent film’s most iconic image: that of Harold Lloyd hanging from the outside clock of an early Los Angeles skyscraper.

A most interesting feature of 1923 was the release of 2 documentaries, both beginning with the same letter: Evolution and The Einstein Theory of Relativity; more importantly, both of these movies were enhanced with the talents of pioneering animators Max and Dave Fleischer.

Two important actors played their first starring roles in 1923: Norma Shearer (in A Clouded Name) and Ronald Colman (in The White Sister). Handsome and athletic Richard Talmadge’s earliest commercially-available film, Let’s Go, which features some absolutely stunning stunt work from the acrobat, was also released in this year.

Other stars who appear on our lists for the first time in 1923 are rugged Richard Dix and lovely Eleanor Boardman.

1923 was a great year for actresses Colleen Moore and Irene Rich, both of whom star in three films on our list, the latter twice with Monte Blue.

Turning to directors, we find three comedies on our 1923 list from Mack Sennett Studios stalwart F. Richard Jones, two starring Mabel Normand, and one with Ben Turpin. Lambert Hillyer took a break from filming William S. Hart westerns to direct Lon Chaney in The Shock. Finally, and perhaps most significantly, we find Ernst Lubitsch’s first Hollywood productions in our list for this year, Rosita, with Mary Pickford. In 1923, Charlie Chaplin directed his favorite starlet Edna Purviance in his first non-comedic work, A Woman of Paris.

Lastly, any article on film in 1923 would be remiss if it did not mention one of the most memorable of all silent pictures, the indelible production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, starring Lon Chaney in his most memorable roles, outside of The Phantom of the Opera.

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1923 Statistics (per the Library of Congress silent movie database):

Number of Features Released: 590
Number Extant (complete and incomplete): 208
Number Completely Lost: 382

1923 American Feature Films Available for Viewing Online

 Title# ReelsDirectorStarsGenreYoutube
Adam and Eva8Robert G. VignolaMarion DaviesComedyLinkA 2-minute video, representing what may be the only surviving fragment of this film.
Adam's Rib10Cecil B. DeMilleMilton Sills,
Elliot Dexter,
Anna Q. Nilsson
Anna Christie8John Griffith Wray,
Thomas H. Ince
Blanche Sweet,
William Russell
Brass9Sidney FranklinMonte Blue,
Marie Prevost
Bright Lights of Broadway7Webster CampbellDoris Kenyon,
Harrison Ford
DramaLinkNo music.
Broken Hearts of Broadway7Irving CummingsColleen Moore,
Johnnie Walker
Chapter in Her Life, A6Lois WeberClaude Gillingwater,
Jane Mercer
Clouded Name, A5Austin O. HuhnNorma Shearer,
Gladden James
Cameo Kirby7John FordJohn Gilbert,
Gertrude Olmstead
DramaLinkNo music; poor quality print; intertitles in Spanish.
Covered Wagon The10James CruzeJ. Warren Kerrigan,
Lois Wilson
WesternLink I
Link II
Link I: with organ score.
Link II: with live organ score, from Circle Cinema. Organ player shown as inset alongside video of film.
Daytime Wives7Emile ChautardDerelys Perdue,
Wyndham Standing
DramaLinkNo music. Last reel (out of 7 total) is lost.
Defying Destiny6Louis ChaudetMonte Blue,
Irene Rich
DramaLinkNo music.
Desert Rider5Robert N. BradburyJack HoxieWesternLinkNo music; video may be surviving abridged version of slightly longer 5-reel film.
Down to the Sea in Ships12Elmer CliftonMarguerite Courtot,
Raymond McKee
Adventure, DramaLink I
Link II
Link I: with piano score.
Link II: no music, but marginally better video quality.
Darling of New York, The6King BaggotBaby Peggy,
Sheldon Lewis
DramaLink5-minute video, only surviving footage fragment of this film.
East Side - West Side6Irving CummingsKenneth Harlan,
Eileen Percy
Evolution6Ovide Decroly,
Dave Fleischer,
Max Fleischer
n/aDocumentaryLink I
Link II
Link I: with mood-enhancing organ soundtrack; film ends at 41:10, though video is longer.
Link II: no music, better quality video.
Einstein Theory of Relativity, The4Hanns Walter Kornblum,
Dave Fleischer,
Max Fleischer
Enemies of Woman, The11Alan CroslandLionel Barrymore,
Alma Rubens
DramaLinkNo music.
Extra Girl, The7F. Richard JonesMabel Normand,
Ralph Graves
ComedyLink I
Link II
Link I: with organ score, but aspect ratio wrong (too wide).
Link II: no music, bit clean print and correct aspect ratio.
Flaming Youth9John Francis DillonColleen Moore,
Milton Sills
DramaLinkThis 11-minute video represents the only surviving footage (1 reel) of this film.
Green Goddess, The10Sidney OlcottGeorge Arliss,
Alice Joyce
AdventureLinkFilm quality not great.
Grub Stake, Thec. 10Nell Shipman,
Bert Van Tuyle
Nell Shipman,
Hugh Thompson
Haldane of the Secret Service6Harry HoudiniHarry Houdini,
Gladys Leslie
Crime, DramaLink I
Link II
Link I: with small ensemble accompaniment.
Link II: with classical soundtrack, slightly lesser quality video.
Hunchback of Notre Dame, The12Wallace WorsleyLon Chaney,
Patsy Ruth Miller
Horror, Period dramaLink I
Link II
Link III
Link IV
Link V
Link I: restored version with small ensemble score.
Link II: live-showing accompaniment with Spanish guitar and keyboard.
Link III: with classical soundtrack.
Link IV: live organ accompaniment in inset, lesser film quality, from Circle Cinema.
Link V: with Renaissance period music accompaniment, but lesser picture quality.
Is Money Everything?6Glen LyonsNorman Kerry,
Miriam Cooper
Let's Go6William K. HowardRichard Talmadge,
Eileen Percy
Drama, ActionLinkNo music; films needs restoration.
Little Church Around the Corner6William A. SeiterClaire Windsor,
Kenneth Harlan
DramaLinkNo music; films needs restoration.
Little Old New York11Sidney OlcottMarion Davies,
Stephen Carr
Lucretia Lombard7Jack ConwayIrene Rich,
Monte Blue
part 1,2,
Only upload of movie is in 5 parts. No music.
Maytime8Louis J. GasnierEthel Shannon,
Harrison Ford
DramaLinkFilm is 51 minutes, but is shown twice on same uploaded video.
Merry-Go-Round10Rupert Julien,
Erich von Stroheim
Norman Kerry,
Mary Philbin
DramaLinkWith ads.
North of Hudson Bay5John FordTom Mix,
Kathleen Key
WesternLinkNo music; with Czech intertitles and English subtitles.
Nth Commandment, The8Frank BorzageColleen Moore,
James Morrison
DramaLinkA badly deteriorated 21-minute fragment. According to the LOC, 5 reels out of the original 8 supposedly survive.
Our Hospitality7John G. Blystone,
Buster Keaton
Buster Keaton,
Natalie Talmadge
Penrod and Sam7William BeaudineBen Alexander,
Newton Hall
Pilgrim, The4Charlie ChaplinCharlie Chaplin,
Edna Purviance
ComedyLinkVideo quality not very good, but this is the best there is online at this moment.
Regeneration6Richard E. NormanStella Mayo,
M.C. Maxwell
Adventure, DramaLinkAn 11-minute video, representing only surviving reel of this film. Badly deteriorated.
Rosita9Ernst Lubitsch,
Raoul Walsh
Mary Pickford,
Holbrook Blinn
Safety Last7Fred C. Newmeyer,
Sam Taylor
Harold Lloyd,
Mildred Davis
Scaramouche10Rex IngramLloyd Ingraham,
Alice Terry
Period dramaLink
Slow as Lightning5Grover JonesKenneth MacDonaldAction, DramaLink
Soul of the Beast5John Griffith WrayMadge Bellamy,
Cullen Landis
DramaLinkFilm needs restoring.
Souls for Sale8Rupert HughesEleanor Boardman,
Frank Mayo
Suzanna8F. Richard JonesMabel NormandComedyLinkFilm does not survive in complete form.
Shock, The7Lambert HillyerLon Chaney,
Virginia Valli
DramaLink I
Shriek of Araby, The5F. Richard JonesBen Turpin,
Kathryn McGuire
ComedyLinkFilm quality not great.
Silent Command, The8J. Gordon EdwardsEdmund Lowe,
Martha Mansfield,
Bela Lugosi
Tango Cavalier5Charles R. SeelingGeorge Larkin,
Ollie Kirby
DramaLinkNo music; aspect is off slightly.
Three Ages6Edward F. Kline,
Buster Keaton
Buster Keaton,
Margaret Leahy,
Wallace Beery
ComedyLink I
Link II
Spoof of 1916's "Intolerance".
Link I: small ensemble score.
Link II: organ score.
Tiger Rose8Sidney FranklinLenore Ulric,
Forrest Stanley
Drama, WesternLinkNo music.
Ten Commandments, The13Cecil B. DeMilleTheodore Roberts,
Estelle Taylor,
Richard Dix,
Leatrice Joy
Biblical drama, DramaLink I
Link II
Link I: organ score.
Link II: mixed contemporary score.
Woman of Paris, A8Charlie ChaplinEdna Purviance,
Carl Miller
Where the North Begins6Chester M. FranklinRin Tin Tin,
Claire Adams,
Fred Huntley
AdventureLinkNo music; film needs restoring.
White Tiger7Tod BrowningPriscilla Dean,
Matt Moore
Crime, DramaLink
Within the Law8Frank LloydNorma TalmadgeDramaLinkNo music.
West Bound Limited, The7Emory JohnsonRalph Lewis,
Claire McDowell
DramaLinkNo music.
White Rose, The12D.W. GriffithMae Marsh,
Ivor Novello
DramaLinkNo music; film quality poor.
White Sister, The13Henry KingLillian Gish,
Ronald Colman
Zazac. 8Allan DwanGloria Swanson,
H.B. Warner
DramaLink I
Link II
Link I: piano score.
Link II: with live organ accompaniment, which appears in inset; from Circle Cinema.

American Feature Films of 1923 Commercially Available,
But Not Yet Uploaded Online

The goal is to get the films listed below uploaded to YouTube. All of these films are in the public domain. However, any musical accompaniment is likely not in the public domain, and may be flagged by YouTube; consequently, you may wish to upload them without any soundtrack (or add your own). And of course, IF YOU ADD A NEW FILM TO YOUTUBE, LET US KNOW, and we will link to your video.

 TitleDirectorStarsBuy FromNotes
Ashes of Vengeance??Johnny
SHOF #11
Bell Boy 13William A. SeiterDouglas MacLeanOldies.comPart of "The Douglas MacLean Collection."
Cricket on the Hearth, TheLorimer JohnstonJosef Swickard
Fritzi Ridgeway
DriftingTodd BrowningPriscilla
Forbidden Trail, TheRobert N. BradburyJack
LuckEdward SedgwickHoot GibsonGrapevineListed as lost in LOC database.
None So BlindBurton L. KingDore Davidson
Zena Keefe
Radio-ManiaRoy William NeillGrant MitchellSHOFSHOF #188
Untameable, TheHerbert BlachéGladys WaltonSHOFSHOF #62
Virginian, TheTom FormanKenneth Harlan,
Florence Vidor
Wolf TracksRobert N. BradburyJack