American Feature Films of 1924

What This Page Contains

On this page you will find a list of all 55 American silent feature films of 1924 that can be viewed online, mostly on YouTube. For each film on the list, you will find a link to the best online version of the film.

Highlights of Our List of 1924 Online Films

The first thing one will notice as one scans the films on our list for 1924 is the large number of westerns, amongst which is John Ford’s silent classic, The Iron Horse. Famed stuntman Yakima Canutt also appeared in first tarring role in 1924, in Branded a Bandit.

Madge Bellamy had a particularly good year in 1924, as three of her starring features of this year survive and can be seen on YouTube. Comedies continued appear on the silver screen in 1924, and are well represented on our list b multiple appearances of Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton, the latter whom directed and starred in one of the great classics of the silent era, Sherlock Jr. Richard Barthelmess returns to our list in one of his great roles, a bitter and crippled veteran of The Great War, in The Enchanted Cottage.

Animal actors appeared more frequently in 1924, and our represented on our list by Rin Tin Tin (in The Lighthouse By the Sea) and Rex the Wonder Horse (in The King of the Wild Horses).

Brilliant Swedish director Victor Sjöström resettled in Hollywood in 1924, and amongst his first productions in America was the classic He Who Gets Slapped, starring Lon Chaney. Meanwhile, directing stalwarts Frank Lloyd, D.W. Griffith, William A. Seiter, Sidney Franklin, Sidney Olcott and Fred Niblo continued to pump out quality movies in this year, and all can be found on our list.

Finally, no year in the mid-1920’s was complete without a Douglas Fairbanks blockbuster; 1924 saw the release of one of his most popular films from the decade, The Thief of Bagdad.

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1924 Statistics (per the Library of Congress silent movie database):

Number of Features Released: 668
Number Extant (complete and incomplete): 274
Number Completely Lost: 394

1924 American Feature Films Available for Viewing Online

 Title# ReelsDirectorStarsGenreYoutube
$50,000 Reward5Clifford S. ElfeltKen Maynard,
Esther Ralston
America15D.W. GriffithNeil Hamilton,
Carol Dempster
Historical dramaLinkPicture quality not great.
Arizona Express, The7Tom BuckinghamPauline StarkeCrime, DramaLinkNo music.
Average Woman, The6Christy CabannePauline Garon,
Harrison Ford
Barbara Frietchie8Lambert HillyerFlorence Vidor,
Edmund Lowe
Drama, WarLinkNo music.
Battling Orioles, The6Fred Guiol,
Ted Wilde
Glenn Tryon,
Blanche Mehaffey
ComedyLinkLink is to
Beau Brummel10Harry BeaumontJohn Barrymore,
Mary Astor
Period dramaLink
Black Oxen8Frank LloydCorinne Griffith,
Conway Tearle
Science fiction, DramaLink
Branded a Banditc.5Paul HurstYakima CanuttWesternLink
California in '496Jacques Jaccord,
Ben F. Wilson
Neva Gerber,
Edmund Cobb
Captain January6Edward F. ClineHobart Bosworth,
Baby Peggy,
Irene Rich
Chechahcos, The8Lewis H. MoomawWilliam DillsWesternLink I
Link II
Link I: no music, sharper picture.
Link II: with piano accompaniment, slightly lesser picture quality.
Conductor 14927Frank Griffin,
Charles Hines
Johnny Hines,
Doris May
Dante's Inferno6Henry OttoRalph Lewis,
Winifred Landis
Drama, HorrorLinkUploader Jonathan Simpson deserves many thanks for improving quality of film. Film may be missing one or two reels.
Desperate Adventure, A5J.P. McGowanFranklyn Farnum,
Marie Walcamp
WesternLink I
Link II
Link I: with fine small ensemble soundtrack, but lesser picture quality.
Link II: no music, superior picture quality; intertitles in Dutch.
Enchanted Cottage, The7John S. RobertsonRichard Barthelmess,
May McAvoy
DramaLink I:
Link II
Link I: with organ accompaniment, but uploaded in four parts.
Link II: no music, but uploaded as a single video!
Family Secret, The6William A. SeiterGladys Hulette,
Frank Currier,
Baby Peggy
DramaLinkNo music.
Fighting American, The6Tom FormanPat O'Malley,
Mary Astor
Drama, AdventureLink
Fighting Coward, The7James CruzeCullen Landis,
Mary Astor,
Ernest Torrence
ComedyLinkNo music; film needs restoring.
Forbidden Paradise8Ernst LubitschPola Negri,
Rod La Rocque
ComedyLinkNo music; intertitles in Czech.
Girl Shy8Fred C. Newmeyer,
Sam Taylor
Harold Lloyd,
Jobyna Ralston
ComedyLink I
Link II
Link III
Link I: with Robert Israel orchestra score.
Link II: with original Wurlitzer organ accompaniment; inset of organ player blocks part of picture though.
Link III: original piano score recorded live, but picture is of marginally lesser quality.
Good Bad Boy5Edward F. ClineJoe Butterworth,
Mary Jane Irving
He Who Gets Slapped7Victor SjöströmLon Chaney,
Norma Shearer,
John Gilbert
Helen's Babies6William A. SeiterBaby Peggy,
Clara Bow
ComedyLink I
Link II
Link I: with organ accompaniment, but lesser quality video.
Link II: no music, but higher quality picture; video also includes website watermark prominently stamped over the picture.
Her Night of Romance8Sidney FranklinConstance Talmadge,
Ronald Colman
ComedyLinkNo music.
Hot Water5Fred C. Newmeyer,
Sam Taylor
Harold Lloyd,
Jobyna Ralston
ComedyLinkWith live piano accompaniment by Cliff Retallick. The film begins at 4:00. A Retroformat production.
Iron Horse, The12John FordGeorge O'Brien,
Madge Bellamy
Historical drama, WesternLink I
Link II
Link III
Link IV
Link I: piano score.
Link II: orchestral score.
Link III: live original piano accompaniment, from Retroformat.
Link IV: alternate orchestral score.
Isn't Life Wonderful9D.W. GriffithCarol Dempster,
Neil Hamilton
DramaLink I
Link II
Link I: piano score. Mediocre picture quality.
Link II: organ score; a bit better picture quality. May be slightly abbreviated version.
Janice Meredith11E. Mason HopperMarion Davies,
Holbrook Blinn
Historical dramaLink I
Link II
Film needs restoring.
Link I: electronic keyboard (sounding like an organ) accompaniment.
Link II: traditional organ score.
King of Wild Horses, The5Fred JackmanCharley Chase,
Edna Murphy,
WesternLinkNo music.
Lash of the Whip5Francis FordFrancis Ford,
Ashton Dearholt,
Florence Gilbert
WesternLinkNo music.
Laughing at Danger6James W. HorneRichard Talmadge,
Eva Novak
ComedyLinkNo music.
Lighthouse by the Sea, The7Malcolm St. ClairRin Tin Tin,
William Collier, Jr.,
Louise Fazenda
DramaLinkLink is to
Mademoiselle Midnight7Robert Z. LeonardMae Murray,
John St. Polis
ComedyLinkNo music.
Manhandled7Allan DwanGloria Swanson,
Tom Moore
Marriage Circle, The10Ernst LubitschFlorence Vidor,
Monte Blue
Monsieur Beaucaire10Sidney OlcottRudolph Valentino,
Bebe Daniels
DramaLinkPicture quality not great.
Navigator, The6Donald Crisp,
Buster Keaton
Buster Keaton,
Kathryn McGuire
ComedyLink I
Link II
Link III
Link I: small ensemble score.
Link II: live organ accompaniment, from Circle Cinema. Organ player is shown performing in large inset.
Link III: live piano accompaniment. Picture is of slightly lesser quality (Links I and II are fully restored versions).
Open All Night6Paul BernViola Dana,
Adolphe Menjou
ComedyLinkPicture quality poor.
Peter Pan10Herbert BrenonBetty Bronson,
Ernest Torrence
FantasyLink I
Link II
Link III
Link I: with orchestra score. With 1-minute by introduction by Captain Barnacle!Link II: with live organ accompaniment, by Peter Krasinski of the Friends of the Stone Church.
Link III: with small ensemble score.
Red Lily, The7Fred NibloRamon Novarro,
Enid Bennett
DramaLink INo music.
Roaring Rails6Tom FormanHarry Carey,
Frankie Darro
Sea Hawk, The12Frank LloydMilton Sills,
Enid Bennett
Drama, AdventureLinkNo music.
Secrets8Frank BorzageNorma Talmadge,
Eugene O'Brien
DramaLinkNo music; link is to
Sherlock, Jr.5Buster KeatonBuster Keaton,
Kathryn McGuire
ComedyLink I
Link II
Link III
Link I: classic small ensemble score.
Link II: live piano score.
Link III: vintage-sounding orchestra score, by Orkiestra Ludwika Sarskiego.
Signal Tower, The7Clarence BrownVirginia Valli,
Rockliffe Fellowes
Speed Spook, The7Charles HinesJohnny Hines,
Faire Binney
ComedyLinkPicture quality not great.
Thief of Bagdad, The14Raoul WalshDouglas Fairbanks,
Julanne Johnston
AdventureLink I
Link II
Link III
Link I: with Carl Davis orchestral score.
Link II: with small ensemble score.
Link III: with classical soundtrack.
Tomboy, The6David KirklandHerbert Rowlinson,
Dorothy Devore
ComedyLinkFilm needs restoration.
Valley of Hate, The7Russell AllenRaymond McKee,
Helen Ferguson
DramaLinkNo music.
Venus of the South Seas5James R. SullivanAnnette KellermanDramaLinkFilm needs restoration.
Virtue's Revolt6James ChapinEdith Thornton,
Crauford Kent
DramaLinkFilm needs resotration.
White Sin, The6William A. SeiterMadge Bellamy,
John Bowers
DramaLinkNo music, poor picture. This 31-minute segment is likely all that survives of this 6-reel film.
Wild Oranges7King VidorFrank Mayo,
Virginia Valli
DramaLinkNo music; link is to
Wine of Youth7King VidorEleanor Boardman,
James Morrison
Comedy, DramaLink

American Feature Films of 1924 Commercially Available,
But Not Yet Uploaded Online

The goal is to get the films listed below uploaded to YouTube. All of these films are in the public domain. However, any musical accompaniment is likely not in the public domain, and may be flagged by YouTube; consequently, you may wish to upload them without any soundtrack (or add your own). And of course, IF YOU ADD A NEW FILM TO YOUTUBE, LET US KNOW, and we will link to your video.

 TitleDirectorStarsBuy FromNotes
Ace of Cactus RangeVictor Adamson,
Malon Andrus
Art MixGrapevine
Arab, TheRex IngramRamon Novarro,
Alice Terry
Battling Fool, theW.S. Van DykeWilliam Fairbanks,
Eva Novak
Behind Two GunsRobert N. BradburyJ.B. WarnerGrapevineListed by the LOC as lost.
Black GoldForrest SheldonPete Morrison,
Peggy Montgomery
Listed by the LOC as lost.
Code of the SeaVictor FlemingRod La Rocque,
Jacqueline Logan
Cowboy and the Flapper, TheAlan JamesWilliam Fairbanks,
Dorothy Reviers
GrapevineListed by the LOC as lost.
Custer's Last FightFrancis FordFrancis Ford,
Grace Cunard
GrapevineListed by the LOC as lost. This is a 54-minute expanded re-issue of the otherwise same short 1912 film.
DaddiesWilliam A. SeiterMae March,
Harry Myers
Dorothy Vernon of Haddon HallMarshall Neilan,
Mary Pickford
Eagle's Claw, TheCharles R. SeelingGuinn "Big Boy"
Hoosier Schoolmaster, TheOliver L. SellersHenry HullGrapevine
Martin Luther: His Life and TimeKarl Wüstenhagen
Karl Wü
Meddling WomenIvan AbramsonLionel Barrymore,
Sigrid Holmquist
Oldies.comPart of collection of films entitled "Matrimonial Maniacs".
New School Teacher, TheGregory La CavaCharles 'Chic" Sale,
Doris Kenyon
SHOF #83
Pal O' MineEdward LeSaintIrene Rich,
Josef Swickard
Pioneer's GoldVictor AdamsonKathryn McGuire,
Peter Morrison
Reckless Age, TheHarry A. PollardReginald DennyOldies.comPart of The Reginald Denny Collection.
Rejected Woman, TheAlbert ParkerAlma Rubens,
Conrad Nagel
Romance of the WastelandVictor AdamsonArt MixGrapevineListed by the LOC as lost.
Spirit of the USA, TheEmory JohnsonJohnnie Walker,
Mary Carr
Oldies.comListed by the LOC as lost.
Thundering HoofsAlbert S. RogellFred ThomsonGrapevine
Which Shall It Be?Renaud HoffmanWillis Marks,
Ethel Wales
White Moth, TheMaurice TourneurBarbara La MarrSHOFSHOF #199
White Sheep, TheHal RoachGlen Tryon,
Blanche Mehaffey