American Feature Films of 1925

What This Page Contains

On this page you will find a list of all 95 American silent feature films of 1925 that can be viewed online, mostly on YouTube. For each film on the list, you will find a link to the best online version(s) of the film.

Highlights of Our List of 1925 Online Films

1925 was arguably the greatest year for silent movies, as it was in this year that many of the era’s most famous and enduring films were released. In alphabetical order, here are some of 1925’s greatest hits:

  1. Ben-Hur, the biblical epic from MGM, starring Ramon Navarro and Francis X. Bushman;
  2. The Big Parade, the silents’ most well-known war drama of The Great War, starring John Gilbert and Renée Adorée;
  3. The Gold Rush, Charlie Chaplin’s epic of the Alaskan gold rush, a film which also featured long-time silent comic actor Mack Swain in his most memorable role;
  4. The Lost World, the great early science fiction film featuring extensive claymation, or stop-action, footage of a land extensively populated by dinosaurs;
  5. The Merry Widow, another vehicle for silent megastar John Gilbert, directed by Erich von Stroheim; and
  6. The Phantom of the Opera, Lon Chaney’s masterpiece, and a film which for many fans of the era represents the paragon of silent movie production.

1925 also saw the film debut of Paul Robeson, playing a drunken and wicked minister in director Oscar Micheaux’s controversial Body and Soul. Pampered Youth, an early adaptation of The Magnificent Ambersons, was released in this year.

Unusual releases for 1925 include Wolf Blood, the earliest surviving feature film to explore the possible existence of werewolves; Lorraine of the Lions, featuring Patsy Ruth Miller as a sort-of female Tarzan; and Madame Behave, a rare starring vehicle for the entertainment world’s first great drag-star, Julian Eltinge.

Fans of Clara Bow will be delighted to find five of her films from 1925 on our list. Finally, we may note that it is in our list of online films of 1925 that we first find William Powell, W.C. Fields and Constance Bennett appearing in starring roles.

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1925 Statistics (per the Library of Congress silent movie database):

Number of Features Released: 752
Number Extant (complete and incomplete): 391
Number Completely Lost: 361

1925 American Feature Films Available for Viewing Online

 Title# ReelsDirectorStarsGenreYoutube
American Pluck6Richard StantonGeorge Walsh,
Wanda Hawley
ComedyLinkExtremely poor picture quality.
Below the Line7Herman C. RaymakerJohn Harron,
June Marlowe,
Rin Tin Tin
Adventure, DramaLinkA 15-minute video, representing all that survives of this film. Thanks to Robert Fells for uploading!
Ben-Hur12Fred Niblo,
Charles Brabin,
Christy Cabanne
Ramon Novarro,
Francis X. Bushman,
May McAvoy
Biblical dramaLink I
Link II
Link I: link is to Portuguese subtitles appear below the English intertitles.
Link II: this movie can only be rented on YouTube. The film is generally listed as a 1925 movie, which would put it in the public domain, but because it was released in 1927, YouTube may consider it to be still copyright-protected.
Big Pal5John G. AdolfiWilliam Russell,
Julanne Johnston
Comedy, DramaLink
Big Parade, The13King Vidor,
George W. Hill
John Gilbert,
Renée Adorée
Drama, WarLink I
Link II
Link I: link is to; no music.
Link II: this movie can only be rented on YouTube. The film is generally listed as a 1925 movie, which would put it in the public domain, but because it was released in 1927, YouTube may consider it to be still copyright-protected.
Black Cyclone5Fred JackmanGuinn "Big Boy" Williams,
Lady the Horse
Body and Soul9Oscar MicheauxPaul RobesonDramaLink
Border Vengeance5Henry S. WebbJack Perrin,
Josephine Hill
WesternLinkNo music.
California Straight Ahead8Harry A. PollardReginald Denny,
Gertrude Olmstead
Capital Punishment6James P. HoganClara Bow,
George Hackathorne,
Elliott Dexter
DramaLinkNo music.
Clash of the Wolves7Noel M. SmithCharles Farrell,
June Marlowe,
Rin Tin Tin
Coast Patrol, The5Bud BarskyKenneth MacDonald,
Fay Wray
Action, DramaLinkPicture quality poor.
Cobra7Joseph HenaberyRudolph Valentino,
Nita Naldi
DramaLinkWith English intertitles and Italian subtitles.
Coming of Amos, The6Paul SloaneRod La Rocque,
Jetta Goudal
DramaLinkLink is to No music.
Cyclone Cavalier5Albert S. RogellReed Holmes,
Carmelita Geraghty
ComedyLinkFilm desperately needs restoring.
Daddy's Gone a- Hunting6Frank Borzage Alice Joyce,
Percy Marmont
DramaLinkNo music; film desperately needs restoring.
Dancers, The7Emmett J. FlynnGeorge O'Brien,
Alma Rubens
DramaLinkLink is to No music.
Daughters Who Pay6George TerwilligerMarguerite De La Motte,
Bela Lugosi,
John Bowers
Dick Turpin7John G. BlystoneTom Mix,
Kathleen Myers
Period dramaLink I
Link II
Link I: organ score.
Link II: live organ accompaniment. form Circle Cinema: artist appears in large inset.
This film needs restoring.
Don Q, Son of Zorro11Donald CrispDouglas Fairbanks,
Mary Astor
Adventure, Period dramaLink
Eagle, The7Clarence BrownRudolph Valentino,
Vilma Bánky
Action, ComedyLink
Flashes of Action5n/an/aDocumentary, WarLinkNo music.
Flying Fool, The5Frank S. MattisonWanda Hawley,
Gaston Glass
Free to Love5Frank O'ConnorClara Bow,
Donald Keith
DramaLinkNo music; film needs restoring.
Freshman, The7Fred C. Newmeyer,
Sam Taylor
Harold Lloyd,
Jobyna Ralston
ComedyLink I
Link II
Link I: with orchestra score.
Link II: with piano score; video has brief 2-minute intro.
Go West7Buster KeatonBuster Keaton,
Kathleen Myers
ComedyLink I
Link II
Link I: organ score.
Link II: small ensemble score.
Gold Rush, The9Charlie ChaplinCharlie Chaplin,
Mack Swain
Adventure, ComedyLink
Goose Woman, the8Clarence BrownJack Pickford,
Louise Dresser,
Constance Bennett
DramaLink I
Link II
Link I: with piano score by David Gill; unfortunately not great picture quality.
Link II: with small ensemble score; a bit better picture quality; marginally colorized; intertitles have Spanish-translation voiceover.
Grass: a Nation's Battle for Life7Merian C. Cooper,
Ernest B. Schoedsack
Merian C. Cooper,
Ernest B. Schoedsack
DocumentaryLinkPicture quality poor.
Greed10Erich von StroheimGibson Gowland,
Zasu Pitts
DramaLink I
Link II
Link I: full 10 reel film, linked to
Link II: full film available only for rent on YouTube. This is the 4-hour version, in which 2 hours of stills are added to recreate original lengthier film.
Head Winds6Herbert BlachéHouse Peters,
Patsy Ruth Miller
DramaLinkNo music; film needs restoration.
Her Sister From Paris7Sidney FranklinConstance Talmadge,
Ronald Colman
Hurricane Hal4John P. McCarthyJack Mower,
Alma Rayford
WesternLinkNo music.
Kentucky Pride7John FordGertrude Astor,
J. Farrell MacDonald,
Henry B. Walthall
ComedyLinkNo music.
Lady of the Night6Monta BellNorma Shearer,
Malcolm McGregor
DramaLinkEnglish intertitles, with Spanish subtitles.
Lady Windermere's Fan8Ernst LubitschIrene Rich,
May McAvoy,
Ronald Colman
Lady, The8Frank BorzageNorma Talmadge,
Wallace MacDonald
DramaLinkOne reel of this film does not survive. Picture needs restoring.
Last Edition, The7Emory JohnsonRalph Lewis,
Lila Leslie
Crime, DramaLink
Lazybones8Frank BorzageBuck Jones,
Madge Bellamy
Lightnin'8John FordJay Hunt,
Madge Bellamy
Little Annie Rooney9William BeaudineMary Pickford,
William Haines
Comedy, DramaLink
Lorraine of the Lions7Edward SedgwickNorman Kerry,
Patsy Ruth Miller
Adventure, DramaLinkNo music; film needs restoring.
Lost World, the10Henry O. HoytWallace Beery,
Bessie Love
Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-FiLink I
Link II
Link III
Link IV
Link V
Link I: traditional organ score.
Link II: traditional small ensemble score.
Link III: small orchestra score, slightly more contemporary (The Alloy Orchestra).
Link IV: mixed contemporary soundtrack.
Link V: alternate mixed soundtrack, heavy on drums (ie. "jungle"-style music), and with added sound effects.
Love Gamble, The6Edward LeSaintLillian Rich,
Robert Frazer
Mad Whirl, The7William A. SeiterMay McAvoyDramaLinkNo music.
Madame Behave6Scott SidneyJulian Eltinge,
Ann Pennington
Man on the Box, The8Charles ReisnerSyd Chaplin,
Alice Calhoun
Merry Widow, The10Erich von StroheimJohn Gilbert,
Mae Murray
DramaLink 1
Link II
Link I: good version with organ score.
Link II: unrestored and restored versions, side-by-side.
Midnight Girl, The7Wilfred NoyLila Lee,
Gareth Hughes
DramaLinkPicture quality poor.
Midshipman, The8Christy CabanneRoman Novarro,
Harriet Hammond
DramaLinkNo music.
Monster, The7Roland WestLon Chaney,
Gertrude Olmstead
Comedy, HorrorLink
My Lady of Whims7Dallas M. FitzgeraldClara Bow,
Donald Keith
Mystic, The7Tod BrowningAileen Pringle,
Conway Tearle
DramaLinkNo music; with English intertitles and French sub-titles.
Night Club, The6Paul Iribe,
Frank Urson
Raymond Griffith,
Vera Reynolds
ComedyLinkNo music; picture quality not good.
Oh, Doctor7Harry A. PollardReginald Denny,
Mary Astor
Pampered Youth7David SmithCullen Landis,
Alice Calhoun,
Allan Forrest
DramaLinkAppears to be a 28-minute abridged version of original 7-reel film; may be only surviving footage.
Parisian Love7Louis J. GasnierClara Bow,
Donald Keith
Crime, DramaLink
Paths to Paradise7Clarence C. BadgerBetty Compson,
Raymond Griffith
ComedyLinkNo music.
Perfect Clown, The7Fred C. NewmeyerLarry Semon,
Dorothy Dwan
ComedyLinkNo music.
Phantom of the Opera, The10Rupert Julian,
Lon Chaney,
Ernst Laemmle
Lon Chaney,
Mary Philbin
HorrorLink I
Link II
Link III
Link IV
Link V
Link VI
Link I: Carl Davis small orchestra score.
Link II: full orchestra score.
Link III: traditional-style organ score, improvised live by Moshe Ariel Garelin.
Link IV: piano score.
Link V: live contemporary-style score, by RPM Orchestra.
Link VI: with original Vitaphone soundtrack from 1929 re-release.
Plastic Age, The7Wesley RugglesDonald Keith,
Mary Alden,
Henry B. Walthall
ComedyLinkVideo begins with nice tribute to Clara Bow. Film starts at 3:25.
Pony Express, The10James CruzeBetty Compson,
Ricardo Cortez
Prairie Pirate, The5Edmund MortimerHarry Carey,
Trilby Clark
WesternLinkAspect-ratio off (video is too wide).
Pretty Ladies6Monta BellZasu Pitts,
Tom Moore
Primrose Path, The6Harry O. HoytClara Bow,
Wallace MacDonald
DramaLinkPicture quality not great.
Proud Flesh7King VidorEleanor Boardman,
Pat O'Malley
ComedyLinkPicture quality not good.
Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman6King BaggotHouse Peters,
Miss Dupont
Crime, DramaLink
Rag Man, The6Edward F. ClineJackie Coogan,
Max Davidson
Drama, ComedyLinkWith Russian intertitles only.
Red Kimona, The7Walter Lang,
Dorothy Davenport
Priscilla Bonner,
Carl Miller
Biography, DramaLink
Riders of the Purple Sage6Lynn ReynoldsTom Mix,
Mabel Ballin
WesternLink I
Link II
Link I: piano score.
Link II: vintage orchestra soundtrack.
Ridin' Wild5Leon De La MotheWilliam Barrymore,
Pauline Curley
WesternLinkNo music.
Road to Yesterday, The10Cecil B. DeMilleJoseph Schildkraut,
Jetta Goudal
DramaLinkNo music; picture quality fair.
Romola12Henry KingLillian Gish,
Dorothy Gish,
William Powell
Period dramaLink
Sally of the Sawdust10D.W. GriffithCarol Dempster,
W.C. Fields
ComedyLinkFeaturing original piano score by Keith Taylor.
Salvation Hunters, The6Josef von SternbergGeorge K. Arthur,
Georgia Hale
Secrets of the Night7Herbert BlachéJames Kirkwood,
Madge Bellamy
Seven Chances6Buster KeatonBuster Keaton,
Ruth Dwyer
ComedyLink I
Link II
Link I: with traditional small ensemble score.
Link II: live improvised organ accompaniment.
Shore Leave7James S. RobertsonRichard Barthelmess,
Dorothy Mackaill
ComedyLinkNo music.
Smouldering Fires8Clarence BrownPauline Frederick,
Laura La Plante
Soft Shoes6Lloyd IngrahamHarry Carey,
Lillian Rich
WesternLinkAbout two reels worth of film, of the original six, are lost.
Soul-Fire9James S. RobertsonRichard Barthelmess,
Bessie Love
Stage Struck7Allan DwanGloria Swanson,
Lawrence Gray
Stella Dallas11Henry KingRonald Colman,
Belle Bennett
DramaLinkEnglish intertitles with Spanish subtitles.
Tumbleweeds7King Baggot,
William S. Hart
William S. Hart,
Barbara Bedford
WesternLink I
Link II
Both uploads are 1939 re-issue of the film, now including 8 minute introduction, William Hart's famous "farewell address" to the audience.
Link I: piano score.
Link II: vintage orchestra accompaniment, probably original 1939 score.
Unchastened Woman, The7James YoungTheda Bara,
Wyndham Standing
Unholy Three, The7Tod BrowningLon Chaney,
Mae Busch
Comedy, DramaLink
Up the Ladder7Edward SlomanVirginia Valli,
Forrest Stanley
Waking Up the Town6James CruzeJack Pickford,
Claire McDowell
ComedyLinkNo music.
White Outlaw, The5Clifford SmithJack Hoxie,
Marceline Day
WesternLinkNo music; the LOC list describes film as lost.
Winds of Chance10Frank LloydAnna Q. Nilsson,
Ben Lyon
Adventure, DramaLinkNo music.
Wizard of Oz, The7Larry SemonLarry Semon,
Dorothy Dwan,
Oliver Hardy
Comedy, FantasyLink
Wolf Blood6George Chesebro,
Bruce Mitchell
George Chesebro,
Marguerite Clayton
Woman of the World, A7Malcolm St. ClairPola NegriComedy, DramaLink
Womanhandled7Gregory La CavaRichard Dix,
Esther Ralston
Zander the Great8George W. HillMarion Davies,
Holbrook Blim
Comedy, DramaLinkFilm desperately needs restoring.

American Feature Films of 1925 Commercially Available,
But Not Yet Uploaded Online

The goal is to get the films listed below uploaded to YouTube. All of these films are in the public domain. However, any musical accompaniment is likely not in the public domain, and may be flagged by YouTube; consequently, you may wish to upload them without any soundtrack (or add your own). And of course, IF YOU ADD A NEW FILM TO YOUTUBE, LET US KNOW, and we will link to your video.

 TitleDirectorStarsBuy FromNotes
Are Parents People?Malcolm St. ClairBetty Bronson,
Florence Vidor
Battling BunyonPaul HurstWesley BarryGrapevine
Beyond the BorderScott R. DunlaphHarry
BraveheartAlan HaleRod La Rocque,
Lillian Rich
Calgary Stampede, TheHerbert BlachéHoot GibsonGrapevine
Charley's AuntScott SidneySyd ChaplinGrapevine
Circle, TheFrank BorzageEleanor
Confessions of a QueenVictor SjöströmAlice Terry,
Lewis Stone
Crackerjack, TheCharles HinesJohnny HinesGrapevine
Custer's Last FightFrancis FordFrancis FordOldies.comExpanded version of two-reel 1912 film.
Demon Rider, ThePaul HurstKen MaynardSHOFSHOF #131
Early Bird, TheCharles HinesJohnny HinesGrapevine
East LynneEmmett J. FlynnAlma RubensSHOFSHOF #220
Flaming WatersF. Harmon WeightMalcolm McGregorSHOFSHOF #12
Flashing SteedsHorace B. CarpenterBill PattonGrapevine
Galloping OnRichard ThorpeHal TaliaferroGrapevine
Girl of Gold, TheJohn InceFlorence
HeadlinesEdward H. GriffithAlice JoyceGrapevine
His Master's VoiceRenaud HoffmanThunder the DogGrapevine
His PeopleEdward SlomanRudolph SchildkrautGrapevine
Kit Carson Over the Great DivideFrank S. MattisonRoy StewartGrapevine
Labor's Rewardn/an/aGrapevine
Mainly a series of title cards, and a two-reel drama.
Lights of Old BroadwayMonta BellMarion Davies,
Conrad Nagel
Little Girl in a Big City, ABurton L. KingGladys
Lucky DevilFrank TuttleRichard DixGrapevine
Miss BluebeardFrank TuttleBebe DanielsGrapevine
Paint and PowderHunt StrombergElaine
Prince of Pep, TheJack NelsonRichard
Ranchers and RascalsLeo D. MaloneyLeo D. MaloneySHOFSHOF #95
Rattler, ThePaul HurstJack MowerOldies.comPart of a Bob Burns double-feature.
Return of Grey Wolf, TheJack RollensJames PierceGrapevine
Savages of the SeaBruce MitchellFrank MerrillSHOFSHOF #190
Shock Punch, ThePaul SloaneRichard DixGrapevine
Sporting Venus, TheMarshall NeilanBlanche Sweet,
Ronald Colman
Swan, TheDimitri BuchowetzkiFrances
Too Many KissesPaul SloaneRichard
Webs of SteelJ.P. McGowanHelen
Who's Your Friend?Forrest SheldonFrancis X. Bushman Jr.Oldies.comPart of Francis X. Bushman Jr. double-feature.
Wild Horse CanyonBen F. WilsonYakima CanuttOldies.comPart of the Yakima Canutt Collection.
Wild Horse MesaGeorge B. SeitzJack HoltGrapevine
Wolfheart's RevengeCharles R. SeelingGuinn 'Big Boy'
SHOF #103
You're FiredPaul HurstWilliam