The 10 Steps to Silent Movie Addiction

An uncontrollable desire to watch silent movies creeps up insidiously within you: it is best if you are aware of the signs of Silent Movie Addiction!

Phase I: Interest.

1. you watch a silent film out of casual interest.
2. you incorporate additional silent films into your movie-watching program.
3. you begin to recognize actors and actresses that appear in multiple films.

Phase II: Passion.

4. you find yourself having to explain to others why you are watching so many silent movies.
5. you research, and try to discuss with your friends and family, individual actors, actresses and directors that no one has ever heard of, and no one wants to talk about.
6. it hits you that something wonderful was actually lost with the advent of sound movies; you realize that when characters “speak out loud” so that you can hear them, the movies are using a cheap and lazy way to present information to the viewer.

Phase III: Addiction.

7. you fall in love with a silent movie actor or actress.
8. you find yourself wishing you could enter and live in the hauntingly beautiful world the characters live in.
9. you actively mourn the loss of 90% of all silent movies, becoming, in fact, depressed over this fact.
10. ADDICTION: you refuse to watch “talkies” anymore, or only with reluctance, so that you don’t lose all your friends.

I have experienced each of these steps myself, so you may believe that my warning should be taken seriously!